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Why is Trump hated so much?

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  • Why is Trump hated so much?

    I can honestly say that I've never seen a U.S. President who was hated as much as DT. If you listen to the majority of the media, it seems that there is nothing that DT can do right. Not only that but you can also get a sense of the hatred constantly on display towards DT. Has DT done anything good? Is there anything positive that can be said of him? I'm sure the state of the nation would have been way worse had HRC won the presidency. I do not wear MAGA clothing or hats. I'm not a DT loyalist. There are many things I don't agree with DT about. I don't consider myself a sold out patriot. My allegiance is to Jesus Christ. And I know that DT is the president that God gave us. And if God's judgment is upon us, we have the opportunity to pray and just maybe God will change his mind.

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    It doesn't really answer your question, ETS, but Dan. 11:21-23 appears to indicate that the False Christ (a boastful, arrogant, successful, self-promoting, self-willed, warrior king extraordinaire who shall meteorically rise to great political power out of great apostasy) shall be despised and rejected by many people of his own nation. The False Christ being the ultimate deceitful servant of Satan, that stands to reason. For the True Christ was despised and rejected by his own people. All the better to deceive even the very elect of God, if possible. (We can be certain that God will put His people to the test!) If Trump is not that ultimate deceitful servant of Satan, the actual False Christ would pretty much have to be his clone...