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    Something came up at work, and I'm struggling with how to balance doing the right thing with what is right and just. If you have any words of wisdom to help me "act like a Christian," I would appreciate them.

    Every year, English teachers are required to grade our ESL kids on listening, speaking, and writing. In the past, the training to do this has been about 2-3 hours, and the grading about 1-2 hours. We have received no compensation or even the lessening of other training requirements -- we just have to do it because we are English teachers. This year, the training got multiplied. I did a 3 1/2 hour online training, an hour training, and an hour-long test. It will probably take me about 2 hours to analyze my students and fill out the forms. We are right about 8 hours of extra work with no pay, no other rewards, and the only explanation is "The Ed-Center wants English teachers to do it." No other subject is required to do ANYTHING. We just get to "take one for the team."

    Now here's the rub. They have added another 2 hour training that I am supposed to have done by tomorrow. This training has nothing to do with rating my students. This is confidentiality training for the reading test for ESL kids that is taking the place of the state test. There is NO REASON whatsoever that an English teacher needs to do this. Any warm body will do. The explanation we got was an off-hand, "Oh, and do this one too just in case they need people to monitor the test." Then we realized just how long this other training would take.

    I want to say "No." I want to put my foot down and let them slap my wrist. I am an excellent teacher with all high marks on my evaluations. I have been with the district for 10 years and am absent fewer than 5 days per year. I ALWAYS do what I am supposed to do even when I see my colleagues leaving early every day, skipping meetings, and even pulling stunts like going to copier training (which I did on my conference period like I was supposed to do) WHILE they are supposed to be teaching a class. This extra training is WRONG in every sense of the word -- wrong, unfair, and unnecessary.

    So what does a "good" Christian do in this situation?

    Greek Girl

    P.S. I have also been working on not complaining. I'm not having much luck in that department.

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    It's a sign of the times. For those that have jobs more work will be piled on them. It's just one piece of Satan's plan.


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      Praying you pass the "test," sister.

      You have his favor and HE will lead you into what to do or to say. Others are watching your witness and do not be afraid to stand for what is right and His righteousness. The Hebrew children did not relish getting into that fire, either, but GOD did not take the test away but rather gave them the strength to endure it and used it for HIS glory. And folks still talk about their courage and faith to this day.
      Mark 13: 22 "For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect."


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        Greek Girl I read your post and I took it all in. I am listening.
        It is hard to act like a Christian where I work. I usually fail. At night when I think about my day i sigh and I ask God for another try at this tomorrow.
        It is good to talk to friends about your challenges. Thank you for posting.


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          KrautPepper: Yes!! I have SO been there and done that! In fact, I feel like I do it ALL of the time!

          Well, I did say something. It turned out that the 1 1/2 hour training must be done by ALL teachers -- but the other teachers have until March 20 to get it done. When I complained, admin just said, "Okay, do yours later if you want (by March 20)." I said that it would have been kinder to explain things to English teachers up front. I did not get a response.

          Greek Girl