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From the Foothills of North Carolina

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  • From the Foothills of North Carolina

    I am here in the foothills of North Carolina born and raised. I am married with 4 kids,7 grandkids, 2 great grandkids.i was raised in a baptist strong hold all here in the south. My wife and I brought our kids up in a baptist church. At one time in my walk with our lord I thought the Baptist was the ones who was right about everything.(Wrong) The lord moved me from that train of thought, and I started studying for myself,and many things I had been taught the bible was speaking to me different . Then the lord sent a man my way who was on the same road I was on,we studied and talked together and learned truth together. Truth is what I am seeking. When I learned pre trib was a false hood I started telling others family,church members ,pastors and I tell you that didn't go over very well. I was labeled crazy,but when I could get people to read for themselves and ask the lord for the truth, God showed them the truth. Tradition has people bound to falsehoods and is hard to break free. I have been listening to Nathan for many years,and found him faithful to the Truth of Gods word. I will be here, and ask a question now and then. I have a lot of stories of my walk to learn truth,the thing is I am learning every day, so you guys and gals, or better said ,brothers and sisters can help me. The truth will set you free. MIKE
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    I pray your time here is a blessing to you.
    Mark 13: 22 "For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect."


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      Glad you joined us.
      The Sweet Psalmist


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          Ahh North Carolina is one of the states I want to visit someday....Welcome Mike we are glad you joined our little forum family.


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            I live at the foot of those mountains,very nice


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              Welcome Mike!
              I loved N. Carolina. I lived there for a year but hubby had a new job change so we had to move.
              I lived in Wakefield....Because we keep in touch with some there since we moved, we are well
              aware of all the changed that have took place spiritually there and probably still are. Lots of history
              being destroyed.