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I Saw A Missile /change /body of LIght

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  • I Saw A Missile /change /body of LIght

    Its really been a while since I have posted on here. I pray everyone is doing okay. Thank you and GOD bless you Nathan and Donna. I really appreciate the messages that you have been putting out.
    I wanted to share this ..wasn't sure if it was a vision or dream or a combination of both. It happened earlier part of this week, and I was shaken but reminded to really have my house in order with the Lord. I have been going through a somewhat lulled state ..I love the Lord and so very grateful for all He has done and His prescience. He is so good, He dont allow us to stay in that lulled state for too long. I wasnj't in deep prayer or dynamic bible study prior to when this happened. It was just like that. I had a late start with work that morning and was in that in between sleep awaking state and saw one picture.
    I was at my work ..our department is on the fifth floor with tinted windows all around. My cubicle was not too far from the window and in this state I was at my desk. Then I remember standing up with my headphones on...just looking out the window over the other tall buildings towards the horizon beyond. Fellow workers all around me typing and talking on their headsets to customers and fellow work colleagues.
    Then all of a sudden. I looked to wards, I believe the north west of the horizon ..I live in the south western part of Ontario. Anyway, there I saw a speck coming fast towards us at tremendous speed. I couldnt make it out at first what it was. But as it got nearer and nearer. I was able to make out what its shape was. It looked like a giant cigar/pen like thing. I believe it was a war head.
    With that pointed front..but the body of it did have a shape between a fat pen and a cigar. White silver.
    I stood still and then looked at my colleagues and shouted...get under the tables!! Then I dont remember everything, but I remember suddenly my body changed. All I can describe it as...strong strong white light replaced flesh and blood...but the outer was still me. The light was just bursting out...I hope this all makes sense is very hard to write and describe in words exactly what was happening. But that is what I saw. I know the dream had much meaning and it wasn't just focused on me. I believe it had symbolism overall and what is going to happen to GOD's people in the end times. When things start to really ramp up ...
    I can honestly say, I saw something like this somewhat similar almost 10 years ago, at one of my other job locations. That time, I had stepped outside for work break ..I used to work for Home Depot here in Canada and at that time. I was on my break and had gone outside for a cig break. (yeah I did smoke then)
    And in this case I wasn't sleeping.
    I was outside near the car park and was sitting on one of the myself and remember looking up into the sky at the time. I saw in my spirit, jet fighter plane after jet fighter plane flying over head. They were flying over us at top speed and were racing southward. They were all rushing southward.
    Then again, it stopped. That vision was so vivid..I kept skimming the newspapers for days afterwards ...looking for information of where on our hemisphere was threat of war ...but did not find anything that matched the 'tension' foreboding
    Later the Lord did show me that war is definitely coming.
    To me I sense in my spirit man, we are closer than ever before to that time bomb trigger and only the Restrainer restrains. But for how long.
    From this last 'witness'. I believe GOD is going to use the Remnant in amazing ways to bring Glory to Himself. And joy to those who walk with Him. For being a part of what He is doing.
    I remember when I saw that first vision and told my husband at the time ..It freaked him out. I think he thought I was nuts. He is no longer with me anymore.
    But that's okay. The Lord is in control.