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Sin and Consequences

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  • Sin and Consequences

    Here is what happened the first three days I was in the hospital last October. It also was the first three days of October.

    Flash Vision

    It all started last day of September 30th 2017. I have been struggling with my health for about eight years. Going to the doctor and not finding the help I needed to feel well again.

    On last day of last September, I felt so bad that I laid in bed all day watching movies and wearing the CPAP machine, so that I could breath.

    That night my husband, Mike, was on the couch using his iPad. I got up and went to him. Then I stated, “I can’t do this no more. Take me to the hospital.”

    Mike put the iPad down and we packed to stay, because I knew that it was that bad. Then we left for the hospital.

    It was ten or eleven into the night when we arrived at the hospital. They were in construction so instead of being able to go right in to the emergency room, we had a bit of a walk to get in.

    Mike went ahead to get a wheel chair. He quickly got there and pushed the button to get someone, cause the doors where locked.

    I thought I should not make them have to go so far, so I started walking very slowly. Had to stop three times to take a break and breath while I leaned on the rail that they provided. After the third rest someone was there to get us quickly inside with a wheel chair.

    I did not know how bad it was at the time. But I did know that I needed help. God kept me alive, cause in that state I should not have been walking.

    After doing some tests, the doctor found that my heart sac was filled with fluid on the right side and I had pneumonia. So, my right heart sac and my lungs where filled with fluid.
    October 1st early in the morning they did surgery on my heart sac to drain it.

    I trusted in the Lord Jesus and said, to the Lord, “Whether I live or I die, I will bless your holy name and put my trust in you.” Remembering in the Psalms, “I will not fear, for I put my trust in you.”

    After the surgery, it was hard. I had a tube drawing out the fluid from my heart. I could not have much water. Just ice cubes. My mouth was so dry and I was very thirsty. As my tongue cleaved to the top of my mouth and stuck there. When I tore my tongue away from the top of my mouth, it hurt because it was stuck. Here I saw and felt what Jesus was talking of when He spoke of the tongue cleaving to the top of the mouth. Grinding my teeth together brought some relief for a few seconds. This is why people grind their teeth in hell. Just wanting some moisture to relieve the dryness in their mouth and get some relief, but there is no water in hell.

    Night came and it is time to sleep. But I could not sleep. As soon as I shut my eyes, I started seeing things. This happened three days and three nights. No sleep! Below is some of what I saw.
    At first it was red dots and then red lines and then tunnels. The red was a light. Every time I shut my eyes it would start all over again. Then finally I saw things.

    It was heart wrenching, tear jerking pain. It was sin, what God hates. What separates us from God. That is why Jesus came. He did not come to save us from the government. He came to save us from our sin and the consequences of sin. He came to restore us to God the Father. What I saw was some of the sins, and the consequences of sin.

    There was lots of people on a city street. They were like animals, going at one another thought they where friends. Stealing, killing, rapping, eating others, and destroying. Things I would never dream.

    Then there was a red horse in full color, not with red lines. It swatted its tail and threw his head back to wave his mane. Then I saw a rider in black bring the saddle and bridle to get ready to ride. Think of the red horse in Revelations.

    Next was revealed three sins.

    First was the mockers and scoffers. What I saw was a tv screen split from bottom left to top right. The top left was people walking down a street. They where in black and white and they were in the darkness, so there was no color. The bottom right was in full color. Wood floor, round tables, and a bookshelf that went across the whole wall straight ahead. The people in the light and with color looked at books, talked with each other, and called for the people in the darkness to come out, and repent of their sins, and turn from them, and follow Jesus. But the people in the darkness mocked and scoffed. They laughed and threw things at the people in the light. The things that they threw at the people in the light did not reach the people in the light. It bounced off the divider between the people in the darkness and the people in the light.

    Then suddenly the scene changed. The mockers and scoffers that where in the darkness where standing before a stage. Jesus came in and walked up the two steps to the stage. The people from the light where in the light behind Jesus. The mockers and scoffers where in the darkness before Jesus. Jesus faced the mockers and scoffers and stretched both hands from His side between the mockers and scoffers and the people in the light. Then Jesus said, “Fire will consume those that mock my friends.”

    Second was the lesbians! There were men with men and women with women. This was back to black background and the red lines to highlight the images. So, it was not in full color. Then they got up and marched. As they marched they got redder and redder till they were hot like fire and burning.

    Third was the abortionist! The judgement upon them was horrific. A very large and deep pit the size of a large house. I did not see how deep. Logs as big a tree trunk was across the pit like a grill. The abortionist where thrown in naked. They scrambled to grab the large logs. But slipped right into the pit. The logs must have been covered with gas or oil because there was nothing they could grab as they slipped into the pit. Now if the logs had oil or gas on it, it could easily be lit to fire while they are in the pit. I did not see it lit.

    The heart wrenching sights I saw, and heard. My tears did not come out of my eyes for a long time. Instead I had a heart sac filled. I had wondered where my tears went. I could feel such great painful sadness that was overbearing, but no tears would come out of my eyes. I wondered where the tears went. I know tears don’t go to the heart sac. But there I was with at heart sac that needed to be drained or else I die. We went through 10 years without insurance or bad insurance. But God made sure I would get the help I needed by making sure that we had good insurance, so that I would go to the hospital and get help. He knew what He was doing.

    It was very sad to see these things happen. I did not rejoice but was sad but understood that God will judge and no one will stop Him when the time comes. No one can save themselves, and without Jesus you are doomed. Repent! Repent! Repent of your sins and do them no more. Follow Jesus and believe in Him. For it is only Jesus that can save you from your sins. No other can save.
    The Sweet Psalmist

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    Did not know if this is the best place to put this. But it is now ok for me to share what I saw. I plan on sharing other places too, but first I am sharing here and look forward to any thoughts that others have. God bless you that follow Jesus.
    The Sweet Psalmist


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      That is a powerful testimony Serena.

      Have you had any visions, prior to the ones you described above, either before or since then of this magnitude?
      Mark 13: 22 "For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect."


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        No I have not to this level. Only a very short one about eight years ago, I was pulling out of our driveway and everything around me was gone and I saw a field of wheat. Then I was surrounded by men in black uniforms with black helmets pointing their guns at me. Lasted a second or two. That was the only other time I saw something and I was not asleep. So this is the only time that I every saw something of this magnitude.
        The Sweet Psalmist


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          That was some powerful stuff you saw. Yes, people do need to repent. TIme is running out.
          Luke 21:36 "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man."

          We will either dwell in the secret place of the Most High or our flesh will make us want to hide things in secret. -- Nathan Leal


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            HisDoulas, could you please change the title to "Sin and Consequences"
            The Sweet Psalmist



            • HisDoulas
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              As you requested sister, Serena, it is done

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            Does that sound like a fitting title?
            The Sweet Psalmist



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              Thank you. HisDoulas.
              The Sweet Psalmist



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                You are welcome sister.
                Mark 13: 22 "For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect."


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                  Wow Serena, I'm only replying now because I've been recovering from oral surgery the past few days.

                  It's an important message that you are sharing, but not many will see it here. Do you have friends with artistic or graphical skills who can capture the scenes for you and maybe put it on Youtube with a narration? Even without too many pictures, the text will have an impact as the Holy Spirit accompanies the visions/dreams He gives. There's a purpose for God saving you while you were in hospital ... and your vision doesn't conflict with any Scriptures as far as I know, so wondering how you can share it further ...


                  • Serena
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                    Have to think about it.