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Aliens will be the fallen angel's greatest deception

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  • Aliens will be the fallen angel's greatest deception

    Recently bought the documentary Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception and found it riveting.

    I have seen other movies on this topic, but this one has been the best so far. It reveals the truth behind the alien phenomenon (it is demonic/hybrid in nature) and gives you the tools to stop abductions if they are happening. Aliens are demons/hybrids and the only thing that can help stop abductions is calling upon the name of Jesus or using the name of Jesus to rebuke these creatures. But just like in the Bible you have to be a true believer, not just a words-only Christian. You have to walk the walk.

    One of the commentators said that anti-gravity isn't a reality, well I would have to disagree with him on that point. Electrogravitics, as it is known, is more than likely a reality and these entities have the technology, and the US government more than likely has it as well.

    Another point I take issue with is that they think that the abductees aren't taken onto real UFOs when experimented on. I disagree with this and think that some of the UFOs are in fact very real.

    Apart from those two issues, I think this documentary is great, and agree with them on all the important points. You can buy it at or on their website here: just go to their store.

    As it says in the trailer, why would Aliens that have travelled millions of miles across space be afraid of the name of Jesus...

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    Seems the full documentary is available on Youtube now. It says it's official so hope it's not a rip.

    Here is the full movie:



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      Actually, the mark of the beast will probably be the fallen angels greatest deception, but you get the point. Who knows though they might go hand in hand.