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Cloned or Replaced - Jack and Rexella van Impe/ Trump are not normal people

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  • Cloned or Replaced - Jack and Rexella van Impe/ Trump are not normal people

    I wonder if anyone has noticed the change in this couple.
    I am not a big follower of them. I used to be when DON (my ex) and I were to gether. Don loved Jack Van Impe. I sometimes watched but was not all that impressed. However, recently I was surfing across You Tube and came across one of them recent 2019 you tube clips and seriously felt like doing a double blink take.
    I know that they are supposed to not be that young anymore and getting on up there in years.
    But seriously, the man that is sitting in JVI's chair doing on the dont look like him. Sift other videos...they have the likeness of each other...but I dont think they re one and the same.
    Same with the wife. Face has changed.
    I don't believe they are the original couple that we once knew as Jack and Rexella.
    I know that some may laugh or scoff at what I am writing here. But I think what we are looking at is imposters of the original couple of the Van Impes.

    Here is another observation I been wanting to share for somewhile. I used Paint to shade in the hair a bit. Both pics.
    I really am beginning to believe that the people that in celebrity status and high up politics. Like Rosanne Bar said, they not like us. Some don't have a soul.
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    I took their you tube videos to Oct. 18 of 2014. There is a difference in their appearance. But, it could well be age and Botox!

    Here is a link I found on further research.
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      botox and age, could be.
      I have pulled up befores and afters...I am not convinced of age, or NDE.
      They are not the same