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    Anyone here a bigfoot fan


    Well here is one guy who says that his dad shot and killed one in 1953 and cut it up and preserved it.
    He shows off the foot, hand (frozen) and kidneys (in formaldehyde). He says the head and rest are also stored somewhere.

    It's quite interesting. In the one video he reveals the foot/lower leg; but then get's some flack saying that it is a hoax because the leg does not show two bones in the lower leg, only one. He then does another video in which he thaws the leg and blood revealing the second sawed off bone, marrow and all.

    I'm on the fence about this one, and will await the DNA results from Cornell and wait for him to show the head.

    But as Christians we should at least believe in giants as the Bible says there were giants, and possibly will be again in the end of days. Though completely hairy giants I'm not so sure about.

    And I also don't agree with his conclusions on their origins - that they are alien in nature.

    I would suggest watching the first (leg), third (foot, second leg bone) and fourth (arm) videos, or all if you want to see the kidneys. They're fairly short.
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    There were giants before and again after the flood. Josephus even documented in "Antiquities" that the Romans had giant bones on display. And since that time it's been covered up.


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      Back here in Finland last year archeologists found a sword 3 times as big as a normal one. The wielder had to had been at least rougly 8-10 feet tall! Old stories from Finland says Lapland was the country of giants in times ancient! And Joseph P Farrell in Genes&giants , monsters and men lays out the fact the Sami people of Lapland are genetical cousins to the Basque people in Spain.

      The connecting factor is both people say they descend from giants! Sasquatch are in indian mythology creatures that walk between dimensions, thats why they are hard to spot!

      Remember walking to and fro on the earth? There is the key to Sasquatch sightings!