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Chemtrails Exposed: Truly A New Manhattan Project

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  • Chemtrails Exposed: Truly A New Manhattan Project

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    I have to put my two cents in here and pray it comes out right:
    Several years ago the Lord warned me that chickens/fowl would be used as a bio weapon. He just kept confirming it over and over again.
    Cities making it legal to own small flocks, the numbers of chicks sold in one season at the feed store I worked a season in was over 10,000! (There were so many Russians coming in. Small town we looked them up by name during each check out. It was a bit unnerving at the time.)
    Back to the chickens. I was raising Bielefelders for a home biz.. They are a rare breed and at a day old a pullet was 29.00 each and so on. I had my flock tested last year. They came back positive for Mycoplasma(chronic respiratory disease). The university here told me they did NOT recommend culling them due to over 85% chance of new flocks getting it from wild birds etc. I later learned this is over 98% in the USA in flocks. You can even get the "gold stamp" of approval and be certified as NPIP, WITH them having this disease. (no, I didn't go for this, it's deception)

    I began to dig for transmission from chickens to people and it's extremely hard to find. On one of my trips to TX a few month ago, I became so ill it was 4 trips to the doc and one to the ER over respiratory junk. Never have had anything like it before! The doc called it mycoplasma! I never would have known this had I not had so much to do with birds! In retrospect, I tied it in with the chems. TX is always getting hammered with this junk!

    Now that this article above is out it simply confirms much more. Psalms 91


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      Of course its logical for a tyranny to go after foodstuff that the populace can grow in abundance to make people more dependant on government handouts. But we trust in Jesus to provide and in comparison government is nothing!


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        Yes. It gives new meaning to walking in the fullness of Divine protection. I have prayed for years regarding getting rid of the flock. It's like a huge test of battling the enemy when there's been chronic illness.

        The things we went thru to keep them healthy (dear hubby isn't born again yet so he presses a bit to have a biz). They have been treated, kept cleaner than babies, oxine misting in the coops etc and been through hundreds of bags of shavings etc. Still, each time I cleaned, I would get "fake sinus" etc. I threw my hands up and said we are going to let nature take it's course and it is what it is. I have NO doubt this is a widespread issue. More so depending upon heavy spraying (chems) and weather conditions. I lump CSU in with all the other lib organizations. There's no reason to tell people to keep sick birds and treat them with drugs.

        My daughters flock a couple states away has the same thing going on and so do all her neighbors. Her closest neighbors are about 5 miles away. She has so much livestock it's easier for her to just let them be till harvest time. Chickens don't get colds. First sneeze it's off to the pot. We do eat the roos. They are food. The myco doesn't make them unfit to eat. What it does do, is prepare them to catch any other "illness" much easier.

        Time for coffee. Be blessed! It's an awesome day in the Lord!