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  • Superbowl - Pepsi Commercial Notes

    Updated Show Notes - Hagmann & Hagmann
    Program notes for show August 14, 2014

    Updated 8-17-14

    "America's Descent into Darkness & Chaos"

    In this program, Nathan shared about America's present road to destruction. What are God's people to do? There is hope for those who hide in Christ.


    Some of the items below were discussed on my appearance Hagmann & Hagmann Show, August 14, 2014 - Listen to the Program

    The New World Order is conducting a frontal invasion of planet Earth.

    From time to time the Illuminati discloses their intention through hidden clues in plain site. They use the media to announce their intent. I believe that I may have uncovered several hidden Illuminati messages of a coming attack to the USA. For more information, read this article in its entirety.

    Flashback to the Superbowl -

    Their Pepsi commercial revealed volumes of information...

    A breakdown of the images.

    The images in this commercial had a surface meaning and also symbolic meanings that were meant to be concealed.

    The giant hand plucked the cables from Manhattan Bridge located in New York City. The Manhattan Bridge is 322 feet high. It is supported by four wire spun cables each 3224 feet long. (Bridge Facts)

    The number 322 has significance to the Illuminati. Manhattan bridge has the numbers 322 in its statistics. The secret society Skull and Bones uses the number 322 in its satanic logo.

    Skull and Bones is a secret Illuminati Fraternal Order that recruits its members from Yale University. These members, "Bonesmen," have become notable politicians who have played a role in the momentum on the New World Order. President George "W." Bush is a Bonesman as well as Secretary of State John Kerry.

    When the giant hand in the Pepsi commercial plucked the cables or "strings" on Manhattan Bridge, it was a symbolic image to reveal their Illuminati hands are plucking and controlling the strings of America.

    Question - Does this mean that their "322" point man, John Kerry is in their future plans?

    ...or present plans?

    Flashback - Youtube video of both Bush and Kerry being interviewed in 2008 by Tim Russert about their membership in Skull and Bones. Note that they deny and misdirect their answer to Russert's question.

    Sadly a few weeks after these interviews, on June 13, 2008, Tim Russert died. His death was blamed on a heart attack that came upon him suddenly. The only problem with that explanation was that he had a physical check-up earlier on the same day and was given a clean bill of health!

    Note to self... Interviewing globalist politicians is dangerous to your health!


    But getting back to the commercial, the Illuminati believes that they are the maestro's of the world, or in other words, the controllers of the world economy, culture, and governance.

    I find it interesting that they chose the iconic Manhattan Bridge to deliver this message. Manhattan Bridge leads traffic into Manhattan Island, one of the most powerful cities of commerce and finance in the world and this image reveals that they control the transportation of vehicles and the privilege of citizens to enter their hive of power...New York City.

    As the image below shows, they keep all of us "in tune" to their motives and goals.

    The Empire State Building can be seen in the image above, towering in the horizon. This shows that their empire is a "state" empire that is "building" as they "tune" the world! other words, their New World Order is rising!

    Another interesting feature of Manhattan Bridge is the very profound and symbolic architecture located at the end of the bridge in Manhattan.

    The Manhattan Bridge Arch and Colonnade

    This structure greets all of those who cross the bridge. It is called the Manhattan Bridge Arch and Colonnade. All of the vehicles must go through the archway as they enter the island. The design of this Colonnade was inspired by two world landmarks -

    The Triumphal Arch located in Paris, France...

    ...and the Colonnade located in the St. Peter's Square of the Vatican.

    St. Peter's Square also has a Freemason obelisk in the middle of the court.

    Another view of the square...

    What is the significance of this architecture in Manhattan? I wonder if any of the locals ever bother to ask the question?

    In summary, New York City has recreated the court of Vatican Square into its infrastructure. If any one has ever wondered about America being Babylon, the Colonnade of Manhattan is another iconic point of reference.

    The Power

    As the commercial progressed, we saw a giant hand playing the trumpet at a power station.

    The station is located at Kearny Power Plant along the Hackensack River in New Jersey.

    What did this image mean?

    It revealed that they believe that they are in charge in our power. They control its source, its production, its delivery and its cost.

    And like a musical instrument, the power is in their hands. The electric power is their song. And if they want the music to stop...

    This is what we will get...


    Folks, I believe that a grid failure of some sort is in the works! So invest in the proper measures now while you can.

    Otherwise, prepare to have a fridge or freezer full of food that may spoil! If that happens, the loss can be expensive, and with the cost of food continuing to climb, we must take the proper measures now.

    The Guggenheim Museum

    As the commercial progressed, we saw a pair of giant hands playing bongo drums on the top of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

    Why the "Gugg?" The answer lies in what the Guggenheim represents. The design was created by Frank Lloyd Wright who said that his inspiration for the building was a ziggurat, or in other words, the Tower of Babel. He also said that the museum was conceived as a "temple of the spirit"

    Amazing huh folks? The imagery of Babylon is a part of the iconic architecture that so many people hold dear. To the world, the Guggenheim Museum is a cool place, but in reality, it is a "temple of the spirit" dedicated to the New World Order.

    In this commercial, the giant hands beat the drums on the roof of this building. The Guggenheim is an expression the higher class of American society. This means that no one is exempt from the grasp of their control. In the eyes of the Illuminati, even the wealthy ones of America are ripe for looting, pillage and eventually the mark!

    This coincides with what we read in the Scriptures where it says that he causes all, the small, the great, the rich and the poor to take the Mark of the Beast. Rev. 13:16

    Ladies and gentlemen, the New World Order does not care how rich or poor a person is. They believe that they are the drummers of the world and they want everyone to march to their song.

    When I was on the Hagmann & Hagmann Program on August 14, 2008. Doug Hagmann commented about the inverted ziggurat design of the Guggenheim. He said that if the Tower of Babel was meant to reach heaven, then does this mean that an inverted design is meant to bring something down to the earth, as in "portal creatures" from the spiritual realm?

    I find that to be an interesting question. The designer - Frank Lloyd Wright said that the building was a "temple of the spirit." So it appears that the architecture may be more sinister than most people realize.

    The Subway Train Rail Yard

    I find the next scene of this commercial very cryptic. Two giant hands rearranged and parked subway cars in a rail yard. The rail cars in rows four, six and nine were manipulated. What did this mean?

    The image above is moving rows four and six.


    The image below shows the hand finishing the movement of rows four and nine.

    What does this mean? The numbers four, six and nine? Is it a date? I am still trying to figure this out. If you have anything to contribute, please let me know.

    Another part of this mystery are the numbers of these railcars. This animation was modeled after a real location. It is called the Corona Rail Yard located in Queens, New York. It serves the IRT Flushing Line or the 7-7 Line.

    Below is an image of the real rail yard. Note the numbers on the!

    However, the Pepsi commercial replaced the sevens with other letters and numerals.

    Why? I changed the gamma settings on the image below to better see the numbers.

    The results are below.The first image is the left side.

    The next image is the right side.

    So here is the result - 1 N C 6 3 0 7 A G M

    The big question, what does it mean?

    If we reversed the order, we would have - M G A 7 0 3 6 C N 1

    Also, rows 4, 6 and 9 were moved forward.

    I played with the code and got this one out of several...Does it mean that something will happen in North Carolina between 6:30 and 7 am?

    Is it a veiled warning? An announcement of some sort? I don't know!

    So I am asking anyone that may have insight on this to contact me and share it.


    The rail yard is in close proximity to a notable piece of architecture which is located in the adjoining property. The property entertained the World's Fair in 1964-65 and contains a giant 12 story tall steel globe called the Unisphere.

    The Global Unisphere

    I find it interesting that the Corona 77 Line is situated next to a massive representation of a United World, the Unisphere. This architectural marvel was created for the World's Fair which took place at this location.

    This is another concealed message from the Illuminati.

    The message - Globalism is here and as their giant hands manipulated the rail cars, the earth has been manipulated by the unseen giants of the New World Order!

    The Pepsi Cola Billboard

    The next scene showed us a vintage Pepsi Cola billboard used as the foot pedal of a bass drum. The foot of a giant stomped on a bass pedal and sounded out a drum beat. The display was "cool" but is that all it was? I wondered about this scene and then I looked at the location on Google Earth.

    The Pepsi Billboard is located in Gantry Plaza State Park which sits along the East River which flows along the edge of Manhattan. Across the river is the United Nations Building.

    Since the scene was within the view of the U.N. building, the tone of the Illuminati reveals that they also control the drum beat of world affairs. It was subtle but then it was obvious!


    Columbus Circle

    Ad then we get to the big one...Columbus Circle. This landmark is located in the southwest corner of Central Park in New York City.

    As I studied the layout of this location, I begin to notice several things. The Circle appears to be telling a story. Its history dates back to its creation in 1902.

    It was commissioned to celebrate the 400 year anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America in 1492. The center of Columbus Circle contains a rostral column with a statue of Columbus on the top capital.

    The rostral column goes way back in history. An ancient Denarius coin featured a rostral column with Emperor Titus.

    The rostral column also features three bronze reliefs along its side that represent Columbus' ships: the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa María.

    The pedestal base of the column has a winged angel holding a globe. The circle has been featured in many motion pictures and television programs.

    Below are a few early photos that reveal its development over the last few decades.

    In 1913, a monument was added to the Northeast corner of the circle as a memorial to the U.S. Navy sailors who died in the explosion of the USS Maine which sunk in Hava Harbor, Cuba in 1898.

    It is called the USS Maine Monument. It is located at the edge of Central Park in Merchant's Gate.

    In 2003, the Circle underwent a renovation. A fountain was added and the most notable change was the addition of new sidewalks that allowed tourists to enter and exit the circle.

    The new pathways contain interesting symbolism. For the tourist on the ground it is difficult to see but from an aerial view the symbol is apparent.

    I discovered this as I was examining the location through Google Earth.

    The symbol is an occultic triquetra that is embedded in the Circle's architecture. You can see it below.

    The triquetra is a satanic symbol that has been used over the centuries in rituals, pagan celebrations, tarot card reading, ouija boards as well as Luciferian ceremonies and incantations.

    As shown in the image above, the astrological triquetra illustrates the life, death, and rebirth cycle. Members of the the occult believe in reincarnation. To them, the symbol is sacred because it represents a human life reborn to a higher level of ascension.

    Below are more images showing its use.

    A Ouija Board...

    A tarot card reading blanket. The blanket is used to cover a table as the tarot cards are placed within and around the petals of the triquetra symbol.

    The popular television series "Charmed" featured the triquetra symbol as the logo for its "Book of Shadows" or "spells" ....yuck!

    And here we have the symbol as a part of the infrastructure of Columbus Circle. At first glance it may be difficult to see, but with scrutiny, the symbol can be seen stretching into the crosswalks at each of the exits of the pathway.

    Is this all a coincidence? What does it mean? What is the hidden message? Is there one?

    The Illuminati believes that their symbolism should be revealed to their members but concealed from the eyes of the "profane ones." To them, Christians are the "profane ones" who don't understand their Freemason secrets.

    So what does the imagery mean? First, let's observe more of the surrounding buildings.

    To the west of the Circle are two new buildings which were constructed in 2003. They are the CNN - Time Warner Center. From this location, CNN broadcasts its liberal propaganda to the world.

    Interesting looking twin buildings...ya think?

    A view from inside the CNN Time Warner Building.

    So do you see it? The CNN Time Warner Buildings are a recreation of the twin towers. These were built after 911. Coincidence? A veiled resurrection?

    As I continue to examine the circle, I noticed that from above, it can be viewed as a clock.

    The USS Maine Memorial sits at approximately 13 minutes past the hour.

    A point of interest, the memorial was dedicated on May 30, 1913. Note the date in the vintage photo below.

    An interesting observation but it gets more intriguing.

    The CNN Time Warner twin towers are located at the 9th hour and 11th hour positions in relation to the center of the circle. In other words, they are telling a story in Columbus Circle...the 9-11 story!

    Donald Trump's World Sphere globe can be seen at a few minutes after 12 midnight!

    A close up of the giant sphere that is in the courtyard of Trump International Building.

    What does this mean? I believe that Columbus Circle is a creation to reveal the path of America as revealed in history. Thus, Columbus Circle has a resemblance to a historical clock.

    It is shows the beginning of American global dominance with the attack USS Maine Memorial and the resulting war with Spain. It also gives us a snap shot of 911 and the road to the One World Government.

    This can be seen in the Trump globe that sits a few minutes after 12.

    The USS Maine attack resulted in the Spanish American War. There are some that believe that the USS Maine attack was a manufactured false flag event but whether it was or was not, it still resulted in war.

    The 911 attacks also led to war. A small war. But a bigger war is coming and like the USS Maine, America is once again ripe for an another false flag event.

    So where are we in the clock?...

    I believe that it is somewhere between the eleven o'clock hour and midnight which will give birth to a global empire, hence the Trump globe.

    This location places the Columbus Circle Clock in the vicinity of 11:55 or Broadway. Broadway represents the way that is broad which leads to destruction!

    In conclusion, it appears that the Pepsi Commercial revealed more than a few iconic locations in New York City.

    It revealed the future of America and the control that the Illuminati presently has over the nation. It also gave a concealed glimpse of an engineered crisis that is approaching.

    If any of you have anything to contribute in the study of these locations, please email me.

    In His Service,

    Nathan Leal
    Watchman's Cry